India achieves faster 5G connectivity than the UK & Japan, 10th on global ranking for 2023.

India has achieved a remarkable feat by entering the top 10 global list of countries with the fastest 5G network speed, just a year after its launch. According to Ookla, a renowned website for internet speed testing, India not only ranks among the top-performing countries in terms of 5G performance in 2023, but has also surpassed nations like the UK and Japan. It is worth highlighting that India has made a significant jump of 72 positions on the Speedtest Global Index between September 2022 and August 2023. India’s median 5G download speed of 312.26 Mbps has secured its position as the tenth fastest country, overtaking Brazil with its speed of 312.09 Mbps in Q3 (Quarter 3) 2022.

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