Bihar Man En Route To Leh For Job Plans His Kidnapping. Here’s Why

In search of employment, a man from Bihar agreed to travel over two thousand kilometres away to Leh for better opportunities. The man and his two other friends agreed and were ready to leave for Leh but at the last moment he got ‘cold feet’. Suraj and his friends, Vimlesh and Golu, took a train from Bihar and reached the New Delhi Railway Station to leave for Leh, where temperatures can drop to -15 degrees during winter.  Suraj’s friends started talking about how difficult it is to survive in Leh during the winters and the temperature is freezingly low.

Vidya J S

Vidya is an accomplished news writer known for her expertise in transforming complex news stories into engaging infographics. With a sharp eye for detail and a talent for visual storytelling, Vidya makes intricate news captivating for our audience.

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